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Madhurya Ratnakar

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Caprisun Commercial

I recreated a Caprisun commercial during my 3D modeling and animation class, as a grad student at Texas A&M University, using visualization software such as Unreal Engine, Maya, ZBrush, and Adobe Creative Cloud. Since this was an individual project, I was able to learn and experience all parts of the animation pipeline from modeling all the way to rendering. My favorite part of the project was trying to problem-solve my way through problems I ran into especially with geting the Metahumans to work in Unreal and fixing compatibility issues with the different asset creating softwares

Video Games

Underwater Treasure Hunt

Dive into the ocean to find treasure buried deep in the sea. Make sure to visit the floating oxygen bubbles, so you do not run out of oxygen in your tank. Avoid coming across dangerous sea creatures who want to keep the treasure for themselves.

I used open-source Processing.js and p5.js Javascript libraries to design this game. Some of the data structures and algorithms I used include: Tilemap for the game layout, Finite-State-Machine for the Shark NPC, Bezier for stingray animation, Game Loop Architecture, and Particle systems for player bubble animation

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More Games


Collect all the watermelons without bumping into any flies to win. The fly NPCs are developed using an A-star path finding algorithm so that they can follow the player around the map. This game uses a tilemap to create the layout of the game map and placement of the walls, items, and NPCs

Butterflies and Blow-Bubble Animation

This animation uses subdivision to draw realistic-looking butterflies that are wandering around and bezier to animate the antennas and the kite. Colorful blow-bubbles are blown out from the right corner using particle systems.

Heads Up Dodge Ball

This is a dodge ball game using vector and physics concepts to shoot canon balls at the autonomously flying birds. Use the canon to aim at the birds before they reach the finish line. The birds dodge the ball by flying in a different direction before even coming in contact with the ball.

Doodle Pac Jump

A jumping and a state-driven behavior game. Help the pineapple collect all his watermelon friends by using the platforms that are moving down at a constant rate and spawned randomly. Watch out for the flies, for they chase you if you get too near.

Digital Artwork

I make my digital art illustrations using Procreate on the IPad and also using a generation #1 IPad pencil. I like to center my illustrations with subject matter relating to animals and nature with a whimsical and peaceful style to make my imagination come to life. The following are some of my pieces that I made in the last year.

Whimsical Baby Elephant

Tiger Cave
Shooting Star Wolf

Colosseum Dragon
Tiger Journey

Mountain Climbing
Lillypad Canoe

Lavender Night
Treehouse in the Woods

Turtle Home

Traditional Artwork

Beach Waves Watercolor Painting

Tiger Pencil Drawing
Scenic Watercolor Painting

Crocheted Wreath
Bluejay Watercolor Painting

Wooden Cube Table Lamp


Stop Motion Paper Cutouts Animation